How long will it take for my portal account to be approved?

The time of approval for your portal account is typically very short if you are part of a US or international university, have published papers in academic journals or conferences, and provide an e-mail that can be verified to be part of the university. The same is true for users of for profit organizations.

Undergraduate and graduate students MUST include the names of their advisor in the registration form.

However, if you decide to use Gmail, Hotmail, or other non organizational e-mails that make it difficult for us to verify that you are the person that you claim you are, this process may be prolonged because we may have to contact you for additional information to verify your identity. One of the things we may ask you is to apply for a project to describe the work that you intend to conduct on FutureSystems. At times, this information will be sufficient. In most cases you can avoid this delay by using a university or employer based e-mail in your application.