Frequently Asked Questions


To access and use resources, you must

  • have a portal account
  • be part of a valid project
  • have uploaded a public key to the portal that you will use to log into some of its resources.

Once these conditions are met, you will be able to access the resources and services that your project has requested and been authorized to use. See the services section for a list of FutureSystems resources and services. This includes cloud and HPC resources. Accounts to these resources will be automatically generated once you have conducted the above steps. The turnaround time for you getting access to the system is typically between 30 minutes and one day.

The time of approval for your portal account is typically very short if you are part of a US or international university, have published papers in academic journals or conferences, and provide an e-mail that can be verified to be part of the university. The same is true for users of for profit organizations.

Undergraduate and graduate students MUST include the names of their advisor in the registration form.

However, if you decide to use Gmail, Hotmail, or other non organizational e-mails that make it difficult for us to verify that you are the person that you claim you are, this process may be prolonged because we may have to contact you for additional information to verify your identity. One of the things we may ask you is to apply for a project to describe the work that you intend to conduct on FutureSystems. At times, this information will be sufficient. In most cases you can avoid this delay by using a university or employer based e-mail in your application.

When you apply for accounts to use FutureSystems resources, we do verify your identity. Providing your university email is helpful and speeds up the process.

You can reset/change your SSH key by logging into FutureSystems and clicking the "My Account" link at the bottom of the web page.

To log in to your FutureSystems account, click on the "LOG IN" link at the bottom right of the web page.

To reset your password, click the "LOG IN" link at the bottom right of the web page and then select the "Reset your password" tab, or follow this link:

If your account has been inactive for six months or longer, your files may have been archived. Please submit a ticket to request restoration.

If you have issues when you are creating an account or you have issues logging into an account you previously created, please contact your class instructor/TA or the project lead they are working with.

  1. When you first log in, you will see a message stating that you need to set up two-factor authentication. You have 3 attempts to do this before you will be locked out of the site. If you are already logged in, you can set up two-factor authentication by going to your account and then selecting the Security tab.

    TFA Google Setup 1

  2. When you click the link to set up two-factor authentication, you will be taken to the Security tab of your account. The TFA status will be “TFA disabled.” Click the “Set up application” link under the TFA application heading. (You can generate recovery codes before or after you set up two-factor authentication. If you want to generate them before setting up TFA, click "Generate codes" under the Recovery Codes heading and move to Step 6 for instructions. Then after they are set up click "Set up application" and move on to Step 3.)

    TFA Google Setup 2

  3. After you click “Set up application,” you will be required to insert your password again and click the “Confirm” button.

    TFA Google Setup 3

  4. After validating your account by re-entering your password, you will be shown several options for authentication apps. Once you have chosen and downloaded an app, you will need to use the app to either scan the QR code or to enter the text code given. Once one of those things is done, you should receive a verification code from your app. Enter that into the “Application verification code” box at the bottom of the screen and click the "Verify and save" button.

    TFA Google Setup 4

  5. If your setup was successful, you should now see a screen with the message "TFA setup complete." and status will now be "TFA enabled." Two-factor authentication should now be set up on your account. If you would like to generate recovery codes, click "Generate codes" under the Recovery codes heading and move to Step 6.

    TFA Google Setup 5

  6. You can generate recovery codes by clicking "Generate codes" under the Recovery Codes heading either before or after setting up two-factor authentication. Once you click "Generate codes," you will be required to insert your password again and click the “Confirm” button.

    TFA Google Setup 3

  7. You should now see a screen with your recovery codes. These codes can be used to log in if you don’t have access to your app. You will need to PRINT, SAVE, or WRITE these down in a safe place in order to use them later. You also have the option to save them in your account, but you won't have access to them again unless you are logged in, so PRINT, SAVE, or WRITE them in a remote safe place as well.

    TFA Google Setup 6

  8. If you choose not to save the codes and click the "Cancel" button, you will see a message saying, "TFA Setup canceled." TFA is not actually canceled and if you look at the status you will see that it still says "enabled."

    TFA Google Setup 8


To join an existing project, ask the project lead for that project to add you to their project using your portal account name. Or:

  • Log into your portal account and view All Projects (PROJECTS -> ALL PROJECTS).
  • Find the project you'd like to join and click on the project number.
  • Once on the project page, you will see a "Join this project" box at the right of the page.
  • The title of the project and your email are pre-populated for you. You may optionally add a message explaining why you'd like to join the project.
  • Click the button to send the join request to the project lead so that they can process your request.

To add people to a project as members, they must first apply for a portal account. Once they are approved, the project lead can add them, one by one, as members of a project when editing the project. (Hint: When you type a user's first name in a member text box, the matched users information will pop up; by clicking one of them the portal username can be inserted automatically.)