Active Projects

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Created Completed Project Status
FG-82 FG General Software Development 2011-01-19 Approved
FG-167 FutureGrid User Support 2011-10-18 Approved
FG-474 Harp 2015-06-12 Approved
FG-477 Seismic Data Processing Platform Based on MapReduce and NoSQL 2015-08-16 Approved
FG-482 LDA Test 2015-08-31 Approved
FG-508 Image recognition with deep learning 2016-07-19 Approved
FG-509 IC Device Detection 2016-07-29 Approved
FG-512 BNN 2016-08-12 Approved
FG-513 Deep learning at scale 2016-08-23 Approved
FG-514 HPC benchmarking on GPU study 2016-09-16 Approved