Active Projects

Project Number Project Name Project Lead Created Completed Project Status
FG-167 FutureGrid User Support 2011-10-18 Approved
FG-82 FG General Software Development 2011-01-19 Approved
FG-577 NIST OpenAPI 2020-04-20 Approved
FG-569 e516-fall2019 2019-08-23 Approved
FG-576 Deep Learning for Time Series 2020-04-07 Approved
FG-546 Bacterial Proteins Data Clustering and Visualization 2018-06-20 Approved
FG-552 Evaluating Kubernetes and HPC for Reproducible Computing Systems 2018-08-30 Approved
FG-474 Harp 2015-06-12 Approved
FG-542 Visualization of Indy Car telemetry data 2018-05-03 Approved
FG-532 Exploring Distributed Traininig Strategies for Neural Networks with Tensorflow 2017-10-17 Approved